About Us


Who We Are

We aim at making communication between parents and school seamless and bring latest technology right from where students future begin.

Schufy provides a highly personalized portal-based solutions that incorporates the school processes and makes all operations like Admission, Records, Students Finance , Assessment, Reports, bus tracking, e-commerce, Events and Trips easy to access and manage via the web, therefore allowing the management to effectively serve and manage all stakeholders: administrators , teachers, parents and students etc.

Schufy creates a separate platform for each user depending on the login credentials, where the person can perform duties only applicable to his/her role anytime and anywhere.

The schufy app helps parents manage finance, shopping, children's info and the latest updates in the palm of their hand.

Unlocking cow economics by developing an alternative to the present conventional market place, in order to generate employment at the grass root level for  farmers without prejudice to any body and providing quality products at the doorsteps of the consumers.


To be the one stop solution for all early education institutional management needs.


Bridging the gap between the management, school and parents by introducing the latest technology in education system.